Transgender resources


  The following four resources have been shared with us by the Empire State Pride AgendaThe links will download a PDF document.

"GENDA - the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act: Questions and Answers"

"Findings of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey: New York Results"

Sample letter to NYS Senator: "Win Transgender Equality & Justice in 2011"

"Needed: Transgender Stories"


 imagesCAYP518P.jpg The following resource was recommended by a friend of Presbyterian Rainbow.  Click here to see the entire Resource Guide.

The Transgender Resource Guide

Transgender is a term referring to individuals who associate with a gender that differs from their biological sex. The word transgender combines the Latin stem word trans, which means “across” or “beyond,” and the word gender. Most societies base an individual’s gender on their biological body parts, which may not match how an individual feels that they should be. The person can change the gender that he or she is addressed as, and even change the biological parts of their body that do not match their gender identity. A transgender person can also *MORE...